Orange & Chocolate Coffee

SR 37.00

A couple who have always been lucky, the combination of chocolate and orange. The finest chocolate aromas and fruity notes of orange combined with intense coffee flavor to produce a high quality coffee with a unique and elegant aroma, fruity flavor with citrus notes and sweet cocoa. Each thecapsoul Orange and Chocolate box contains 10 capsules of a robust blend of natural coffee combined with the intense aroma of extra chocolate and the most juicy oranges. If you like to discover new flavors this is a good option to get your routine espresso a twist. A fusion of citrus and bitter flavors in your coffee like never before.

Composition: 50% arabica coffee brazil, 30% arabica coffee Peru, 20% Robusta coffee, 1% natural orange flavor, 0.5% natural chocolate flavor.

Country of Origin:  Brazil / Peru / Vietnam.


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